Thursday, June 25, 2009

Authentic Shock and Sadness

I am absolutely shocked and saddened by the loss of Michael Joseph Jackson today. Funny, I'd been formulating a post on the amazing way that God uses different people to speak to you if you are open. I was going to blog about a chance encounter last Thursday night but that post will have to wait. I can barely type as I reflect on all the things MJ meant to me.

He was the original MJ - before there was Michael Jordan. It was tough for me to even call Jordan MJ because of this fact.

He was the person I looked to that gave me hope as a young black girl that we, too, could mean the world to people. Before Michael - I'd only see white artists on MTV and there was no BET so seeing him and his videos were like the Super Bowl to me everytime a new one debuted. Seeing women of all ages and races CRY over him was so impactful on me growing up.

His talent wowed and amazed me over and over. Billie Jean is one of my all time favorite songs along with Don't Stop til You Get Enough. Seeing him dance tonight in the clips gave me chills.

His posters lined my bedroom wall. Right On magazine could not give me enough posters. I was introduced to John Stamos because of my insatiable yearning for all things Michael that I bought a Tiger Beat one day.

He was the first guy I dreamed I'd marry. Ask my stepmom - I talked about it all the time.

His work on "We Are The World" and countless other philantropic endeavors inspired me.

His duets with Paul McCartney introduced me to the Beatles.

Throughout his tumultuous later life - I prayed for him each time there was a flare up. I saw him as person who was tormented and needed grace - not just from God but from everyone.

Someone I know asked today - "didn't we lose him a long time ago?" Yeah but secretly, I'd always hoped for a resurfacing of the real Michael we all grew up loving.

Poor black kid from Gary Indiana makes it big. Astronomical.

It is surreal to think that we are without this tremendous talent so soon.

May God comfort his family and especially his three children.

Thank you Michael for all you were to me. May you rest in peace with your Maker.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Beauty of the Big Mouth

Throughout my lifetime - I have been told many variations of the same premise...

You are a good communicator

Talking is your specialty, huh?

You are a motor mouth

Oh my, can you talk girl!

You are so expressive

Breathe, Breathe

I've got a big mouth. Literally and figuratively. I see this big mouth as a gift. There are women who pay big $$$ to have the full lips I was born with. There are hundreds of thousands of classes out there on "How to Communicate Effectively" and again, I was born with that gift.

Something I learned long ago and am living out daily... if you use your gifts wisely, you will be blessed.

Today, I assert that the beauty of my big mouth is that it often engages others. Not just for my benefit but for the benefit of all parties.

When you engage people and they get excited - you can accomplish lots.

What are you accomplishing today with your gifts?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I can honestly say this weekend could not have come sooner.

Opening the door to the spotless house and immediately jumping into PJs is my way of saying good riddance to a funky week.

Remember "The Plan"? Well, I made awesome progress on one facet this week.

So cool that putting a blog post out about making progress in "The Plan" actually kept me accountable to making a move. I love it. Even if no one reads or comments - simply putting it out in the universe that I need to make a change - motivated that change.

I am a 100% believer in accountability but for me it is not normally 'virtual' accountability. Usually, I confide in a few people and ask them to help me. 

Lesson learned.

Next week, I will tackle a few more.  Mark my word.

Until then.... happy weekend!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Making Space To Layout "The Plan"

Is it me or is it always difficult to lay out "The Plan"?

Without question - I have the motivation. Heck, everyday life provides me with nuggets of inspiration/motivation for laying out "The Plan".

I certainly have the ideas. I have never lacked ideas and I don't now.

So what is keeping me from laying out, and subsequently executing "The Plan".



Clearly, I need to rearrange my priorities.

You see - I'm the one in your network/friend group/family - who hates when people blame busyness or lack of time as an excuse to not keep in touch and/or spend time together. You can read between the lines - people. Things and/or people in your life that you repeatedly are 'too busy' to talk to or see are things and/or people who are low on your priority list.

No offense and none taken.

Facebook, email and the internet have allowed us to keep a periferal view of those (and the interests) we care about - and I am NOT knocking that. I certainly use those tools as well.

But for the special and important people/interests - we always make time. Always.

So, the question for me today - how do I truly make space for "The Plan"?

I've made a few weak attempts at making time/space but they have not made a dent.

Today - I assert that I will be making more time for "The Plan." Starting now.

Well - after I get the kids to bed.